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To empower patients and families through advocacy, education, treatment and research.


UMBTC Research


To be your choice for comprehensive brain tumor care.


Hope Starts Here planning team photo in front of inflatable Wildcat

Hope Starts Here Challenge

The Incredible Bank Hope Starts Here Challenge raises funds and awareness for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center (UMBTC). The UMBTC is a collaborative effort between UP Health System, Northern Michigan University and the Superior Health Foundation. Its mission is to empower patients and families dealing with brain tumor through advocacy, research, education, and treatment.

This year's race is set for Saturday, June 15th. 


U.P. Health Systems - Marquette

The defining partnership of the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center is with the Brain & Spine Center at Upper Peninsula Health System - Marquette. UPHS - Marquette provides clinical experience to students as well as treatment options for neuro-oncology patients.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Understanding the "how" of brain cancer is the key to creating less invasive and more effective treatments for GBM patients. In addition to research in the lab, students are involved with Students for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center - a student organization that advocates on behalf of cancer patients and their families through fundraisers, volunteering, and the ChemoCare basket program. 

Student Research Experience

Hands-on research experience, interaction with field professionals, opportunities for research fellowships, and working alongside experienced professors in an established lab that has ties all across the country. At UMBTC, Students learn research techniques while improving the neuro-oncology field's understanding of glioblastoma multiforme - ultimately improving treatment methods and outcomes.

Contact Information

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center’s research laboratory is located at 3611 West Science in the Seaborg Science Complex. It is connected to the New Science Facility and sits across from the Learning Resources Center.  Parking areas for the complex can be reached off of Elizabeth Harden Drive. See the building marked No. 13 on the campus map.  (See NMU campus map)