2023 Course Maps

Course Etiquette

All the running and biking events take place on paths and roads open to the public. As you encounter folks on course, please be courteous and share the path. 

Many of the road crossings will be guarded by members of the NMU Police Cadets. However, some crossings MAY BE UNMANNED, so use common sense

Mile Markers

The mile markers ascend, so after 1 mile, you will see mile marker 1, after 6 miles you will see mile marker 6 and so on. There are 13 mile markers for the half marathon, 10 mile markers for the bike course, 10 km signs for the 10K and 5 km signs for the 5K. If you would like to sponsor a mile marker let us know or add one to your cart when registering (sponsors are encouraged to take their signs home after the event, we'll have them following the event). 

Start and finish of running races

We hope the routes are clear of snow, but they may have some grit/sand. All running races start and finish at the back side of the Superior Dome.