UMBTC Student Research

The UMBTC prides itself on training future clinicians and scientists while conducting cutting edge brain tumor research. Contributions to the UMBTC (earmarked donations via the NMU Foundation, participation in the Hope Starts Here Challenge or tax-deductible donations through WeSearch), support the training of students and the advancement of our research. These gifts assist in the areas of our strongest needs, the consumables and reagents needed for these endeavors. These funds have also helped with the purchase of surgical tools for the O.R., assist families getting to clinical trials, and fund a study on the quality of life of care givers. We have partnered with WeSearch, a non-profit crowdfunding site, to facilitate a wide range of tax-deductible donations from general laboratory supplies to specific projects.  If you would like to make a contribution to the UMBTC's general and help fund the our biggest needs, click the image above.

How else can you help?  Past donors have purchased equipment for the lab and donated to specific projects. If you would prefer to donate to a specific cause, below are the different programs of our research facility as wells as a place to donate for equipment needs.

Thanks for your support!