Prepares students through the acquisition of knowledge, the development of physical skills and a positive attitude toward activity and fitness that will enable them to perform effectively as coaches in a variety of sports.

Students must achieve a minimum of a “C” in required courses in the major.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Total credits required for program 59
Required Courses in Major 47
HPE 110 Introduction to Health and Physical Education 3
HPE 120 Motor Learning and Development in HPE 3
HL 125 Emergency Health Care 3
PE 212 Anatomical and Mechanical Assessment of Human Movement 3
PE 213 Physiology of Sport and Fitness 3
PE 250 Evaluation of Coaching Performance 3
HL 260 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
HL 275 Essentials of Personal Training 3
PE 300 Technology in Human Performance 3
PE 310 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 2
PE 330 Athletic Officiating 3
PE 340 Foundations of Educational Athletics 3
PE 345 Medical Aspects of Coaching 3
PE 346 Adapted Physical Education 3
PE 440 Advanced Principles of Athletic Coaching 3
PE 450 Theory of Sport 3
Required Electives 12
Choose 12 credits from the following courses: 12
Other courses considered with adviser approval.
ES 475 Theory of Strength Training and Conditioning Techniques (3 cr.)
HL 111 Lifespan Health (3 cr.)
HL 230 Fitness Leadership (3 cr.)
HL 369 Campus Recreation and Fitness Programming (4 cr.)
HL 420 Gender and Diversity Issues in Sport (3 cr.)
HN 210 Nutrition for Humans (4 cr.)
HN 310 Nutrition for Fitness and Sports (2 cr.)
HP 200 Physical Well Being (1 cr.)
HPE 250 Effective Instruction of Invasion Games (2 cr.)
HPE 260 Effective Instruction of Net/Wall Games (2 cr.)
HPE 270 Effective Instruction of Health-Related Activities (2 cr.)
HPE 280 Effective Instruction of Striking/Fielding/Target Games (2 cr.)
HPE 290 Effective Instruction of Outdoor Pursuit Activities (2 cr.)
Recommended Electives  
PE 492 Internship in Physical Education (6 - 12 cr.)
Internship in Coaching is highly recommended

This major does not require a minor.