This program’s objectives are to provide a theoretical base as well as the working applications of management; the ability to critically evaluate managerial actions; and the ability to apply managerial decision-making skills to future situations. Leaders with an appreciation for the forces active in complex organization, worker effectiveness and operating efficiencies are the foundation of any successful enterprise. Positions include job titles such as management consultant, quality control manager, director of planning and employee relations manager.

Students must obtain a 2.00 GPA in their (combined) business core and major courses as well as a 2.00 cumulative Northern Michigan University GPA.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Business Core* 32
ACT 230 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 4
ACT 240 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting  4
FIN 351 Financial Management I 4
MGT 221 Legal Environment of Business 4
MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management 4
MGT 325 Operations Management 4
MGT 344 Managerial Communication 4
MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing 4

Management 32
CIS 222 Quantitative Business Problem Solving 4
MGT 343 Human Resource Management 4
MGT 436 Strategic Management 4
MGT 475 International Business 4
Management Approved Electives 16
Choose 4 credits from the following quantitative courses: 4
ACT 311 Cost Accounting (4 cr.)
CIS 410 Analytics for Decision Support (4 cr.)
FIN 352 Financial Management II (4 cr.)
MA 161 Calculus I [QUAR] (4 cr.)
MGT 425 Business Research (4 cr.)
Choose 4 credits from the following functional courses: 4
CIS 440 Management Information Systems (4 cr.)
MKT 331 Retailing and Supply Chain Management  (4 cr.)
MKT 411 Professional Selling (4 cr.)
MKT 438 Marketing Management (4 cr.)
Choose 8 credits from the following management elective courses: 8
MGT 215 Entrepreneurship (4 cr.)
MGT 336 Cyber Law (4 cr.)
MGT 345 Employment and Labor Law (4 cr.)
MGT 355 Methods of Training (4 cr.)
MGT 360 Controversial Issues in Marketing and Management (4 cr.)
MGT 412 Compensation Design and Administration (4 cr.)
MGT 414 Small Enterprise Management (4 cr.)
MGT 419 Seminar in Human Resource Management (4 cr.)
MGT 424 Conflict Management and Collective Bargaining (4 cr.)
MGT 491 Internship in Management (4 cr.)
MGT 495 Special Topics in Management (4 cr.)
MGT 498 Directed Study in Management (4 cr.)
Or other courses approved by the advisor and the Assistant Department Head or Dean of the College of Business.
Other Required Courses 28
EC 201 Microeconomic Principles 4
EC 202 Macroeconomic Principles [SCII] 4
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics [QUAR] 4
MA 113 Finite Mathematics [QUAR] 4
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychological Science [SCII] 4
SO 101 Introductory Sociology [PERS] or 4
     SO 113 Social Problems (4 cr.) [PERS]
SP 100 Public Address [EFFC] or 4
     SP 110 Interpersonal Communication (4 cr.) [INTT]

*Courses in business core cannot be double counted toward another major or minor.

This major does not require a minor.