NMU's School of Clinical Sciences: Degree Programs Overview

Northern Michigan University’s School of Clinical Sciences offers a wide range of degree and concentration options that prepare students to work in health care fields or prepares them for advanced degrees in medical fields or biomedical research. The School of Clinical Sciences offers eight degree concentrations in Clinical Laboratory Science, as well as degrees in Radiography, Surgical Technology, and Speech Language Hearing Sciences. The School offers six nationally accredited academic programs. Graduates of the School's programs work in a variety of clinical settings to include medical laboratories, medical imaging, operating rooms, speech pathology and hearing clinics, as well as biomedical research and other healthcare settings.

NMU's Clinical Science Degree Programs

Our programs feature significant hands-on learning and many of them include an internship component. Our modern laboratories are designed for small class sizes and a lot of personal attention. At the end of your program, you will sit for a national certification board exam in your discipline, allowing you to practice in a variety of healthcare, veterinary, forensic, pharmaceutical and private business or government settings.

Laddering Degree Programs

Our department takes great pride in our “laddering” curriculum, which allows students to seamlessly continue their education in the clinical sciences, from certificate to associate degree to bachelor’s degree. We are also strong supporters of student research at NMU.

Job Growth & Program Outcomes

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in the clinical sciences will grow between 11-15 percent from the present time until 2020. According to the BLS’s occupational handbook, the nation’s aging population will lead to a greater need to diagnose medical conditions through laboratory procedures and advances in technology will allow for new types and increases in laboratory analysis.


  Certification Pass Rate July 2016 - June 2019 Employment/Further Education Rates July 2015 - June 2018 Graduation Rates July 2016-June 2019
Clinical Assistant* NA NA NA
Medical Lab Technician** 90% (49/50) 100% (49/50) 96% (43/45)
Medical Lab Science** 100% (14/14) 100% (11/11) 2 Unknown 100% (20/20)
Diagnostic Molecular Science** 100% (2/2) 100% (5/5) 100% (5/5)
Cytogenetics** 100% (2/2) 100% (2/2) 100% (3/3)

*NAACLS Approved program
**NAACLS Accredited program

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Program Director

Paul Mann, Ph.D., MT (ASCP)
Associate Dean and Director, Associate Professor, Clinical Education Coordinator
3513 West Science
E-mail:  pmann@nmu.edu
Phone: 906-227-2338