Information & Resources for Current Students

The School of Clinical Sciences faculty members work hard to ensure students receive high-quality educational experiences in the classroom and in the field. It's their goal to have students enter the workforce with confidence in their abilities to perform their required duties. Students also need to do their part to take advantage of the opportunities they are provided by staying informed about program requirements and staying connected with their adviser.

The information on this page is for students to guide them through the successful completion of their respective program.  

All School of Clinical Science Students have a Student Success Specialist for advising and also a Faculty Mentor.

If you are not sure who your Student Success Specialist or Faculty Mentor is, please contact:

Sherida Riipi at 906-227-2125
1513 West Science

Students are strongly encouraged to contact their advisers when they are scheduling for classes. It is important that a course scheduling plan be developed so students can anticipate when they will be participating in an internship or practicum if their major requires practical experience. Tracking students' schedules is important to help accommodate them and to ensure they take the most expedient route toward the completion of their degrees.

There are a number of jobs available in the clinical sciences field. Many students find employment and networking opportunities during their practicum experiences, but they can also take advantage of services offered by Northern Michigan University's Career Services, located on the top floor of C.B. Hedgcock in room 3502. Visit the Career Services office or search their website to view job postings, get resume and interview advice, and learn more about the center's services. 

» Career Services Website

Please complete the required Practicum Application Forms and submit to the School of Clinical Sciences Administrative Assistant, West Science Room 3515, who will initial and date. 

  1. Complete the information requested on the cover page of the application form.  Identify the semester and year that you will complete the practicum.
  2. Read and sign the Hepatitis B Policy page of application form.
  3. Read and sign the Verification of Policies page of application form. Be certain to read the ‘Essential Functions’ in the Policy Manual.

Contact any Clinical Science faculty if you have questions regarding the application process.

Students applying to programs and practicum experiences offered by the School of Clinical Sciences should view and complete the necessary forms by clicking on the application link.

Please complete the form and submit to the School of Clinical Sciences, West Science Room 3515, and we will initial and date.  The first page and the Verification of Policies page should be submitted by the deadline date.  The other forms can be submitted as soon after as possible.

Students interested in ordering a clinical lab science pin should click on the pin order form link.

Please be sure to indicate which style of pin (gold plate or sterling silver) and your major. You have the option of having your initials and/or year of graduation on the back.

  1. Meet expected competencies of the individual fields of laboratory science as dictated by certifying/professional agencies and expected industry standards.
  2. Succeed in national certification exams such that the program pass rate exceeds the national pass rate; that program means exceeds the national means.
  3. Compete successfully for internship placement at a 90 percent placement rate (or not more than one student per placement period denied acceptance).
  4. Compete effectively in the job market with an 80 percent or better placement rate and/or matriculate successfully into an advanced course of study.
  5. Become professionally involved beyond the minimum day-to-day job requirements of career-entry practice as might be evidenced by gaining promotions or attaining specialization, membership in associations, participating in committee work, conducting or participating in research, developing a project, making presentations, continuing one’s education (continuing education or formal education) or professional work resulting in publications.

Every year, the School of Clinical Sciences honors students who have demonstrated extraordinary competency in the classroom and/or practicum/internship settings.

» List of past student award recipients


If you were unable to find the information you were looking for, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you. We can be reached at or 906-227-2885.