Degree evaluations include courses completed, including transfer, and courses remaining to graduate.  Current students, with a declared major, can run unofficial degree evaluations anytime from MyNMU.  

Official degree evaluations are prepared each September and February for students currently enrolled with the minimum earned hours according to the following:  

  • baccalaureate degree – 87 earned hours
  • associate degree – 32 earned hours
  • certificate – 16 earned hours

Students are emailed three weeks prior to registration directing them to review their official degree evaluation on MyNMU and to meet with their adviser.  Students must have declared a major and, if required, a concentration and a minor.  If there is a problem with a degree evaluation, the student should contact his or her adviser immediately. 

Students that register for graduation with their final courses will receive a final official degree evaluation followed by an email.  Students will receive an email the second week of the semester, if all graduation requirements will be fulfilled with their current registration.  If requirements are missing, the student will receive an email the week before the semester begins detailing the missing requirements. 

Students that do not register for graduation online before the first Thursday of their final semester, will be notified by email 3-5 business days after their Request to Add Graduation form is submitted to Degree Evaluation (