As of Fall 2016, students are now eligible to graduate with multiple degrees in the same semester.  Options for multiple degrees include:

  • an associate and a bachelor degree
  • a certificate and a bachelor degree
  • a certificate and an associate degree
  • a certificate, an associate and a bachelor degree  

Students can not earn multiple degrees of the same level (two bachelor degrees, two associate degrees or two certificates).  To earn a second bachelor degree, associate degree or certificate students must follow the degree requirements for additional degrees in the NMU Bulletin, (last section Additional Degrees and Certificates).

Steps for Graduating with Multiple Degrees

Students should contact their adviser to review the requirements of the degrees and to run 'what-if' degree evaluations on any degrees not declared.  Students are only able to run unofficial degree evaluations on their declared degree/major.

If pursuing multiple degrees, the student must inform Degree Evaluation by email,, and include:

  • your Name
  • the degrees with majors/minors/concentrations
  • the anticipated semester of graduation

At this time, the NMU system does not allow a student to declare multiple degrees, so these are monitored manually.  Each September and February when official degree evaluations are generated and audited on the declared major, an official degree evaluation will be manually run on the lesser degree by Degree Evaluation staff.  Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC) is not able to declare multiple degrees on a student record.

In the final semester, students need to add Graduation-UG-Ceremony or Graduation-UG-No Ceremony to the semester schedule.  The Graduation/Multiple Degrees is not open for students to add themselves.  After final graduation degree evaluations are audited, and if a student is eligible for multiple degrees, Degree Evaluation staff will add Graduation/Multiple degrees to the student schedule.  Please note, there is a $40 graduation fee for each degree. 

Once final grades are submitted, all students that notified Degree Evaluation and completed all requirements will have all degrees posted to their transcript and the student will receive a diploma for each degree awarded.

GRADUATION FEE:  The $40 mandatory fee is tied to graduation, not to whether or not you are participating in a commencement ceremony. It covers a variety of costs, including assessment of program completion, evaluation of credentials, posting of degrees, diploma production and mailing, etc.