Began advising for EEGS in Fall 2023

About Lauren

In her role as a Senior Success Advisor for the Physical and Natural Sciences, Lauren Anargyros is the primary advisor for hundreds of Biology majors. She also assists students who are deciding whether to pursue a program in the EEGS Department or in Biology. Lauren is deeply committed to helping her advisees and promoting the many dimensions of wellness. Lauren, Kelsey Avey, and Jose' Garcia collaborate as “Team Science” to help students in four departments. We are fortunate that Lauren brings three years of advising experience as an Embedded Success Specialist for the Biology Department at NMU to her position.

As an undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University, Lauren found her passion in working with college students as a Peer Mentor and promoting overall student success. She loved helping students navigate college, explore career paths that fit their interests, and understand their different learning styles. While pursuing her graduate degree, Lauren worked as a Success Coach for first-year students and taught a freshman seminar course.

Lauren finds the connections that she builds with her students to be incredibly rewarding. As a first generation college student, she understands the difficulty of managing the demands of college stuff on one's own. She also attributes her success to her connections with her coworkers that have become some of her best friends.

Outside of work, you can usually find Lauren out with friends at a local brewery or coffee shop, hiking trails, and playing tennis or kayaking in the summers. She is also a big fan of live music.


lauren anargyros

Lauren Anargyros

Senior Success Advisor
Physical and Natural Sciences Cluster

Office Location:
2203C Weston Hall

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