Students working in shop

When asked why students choose engineering technology programs at Northern Michigan, the common answer is that students attend this school to pursue careers in specific areas of interest, knowing that the hands-on experience combined with practical, classroom-based learning will assure them ample opportunities for employment in their fields of interest upon graduation. 

At the Engineering Technology Department, students appreciate smaller class sizes, which allow for greater learning potential in a comfortable setting. The faculty, staff, and students come together as a team to create a foundation of knowledge upon which necessary and applicable skills are built. 

Here, students have access to essential laboratories, simulators, machinery, customers/clients, real-world job settings, as well as several off-campus/on-site work opportunities. For most students enrolled in the school, the Jacobetti Complex is their main educational facility. However, many students live in student housing, attend classes in buildings on NMU’s main campus, become involved with student organizations, and are active in community-based programs. In addition, there are several opportunities for interested students to secure semester-long internships or study abroad opportunities. 

Graduates of NMU’s engineering technology programs not only enter the workforce proficient in their trades, but they enter the world as strong thinkers and well-rounded individuals. Through a shared commitment to excellence in education and the workforce, the Engineering Technology Department faculty, staff, and students feel certain that the benefits of their dedication are conveyed through personal growth that extends into the areas where people live and work, which results in healthier communities and a stronger economy.