In an effort to reach a higher level of cleaning and to create a greener, healthier environment, the Facilities department has kicked off a trash/recycle pilot program in the Services Building. To be successful, this program requires participation from all building occupants. We in Facilities are requesting that each occupant empty their own trash and recycling. The attached plan shows the locations of strategically placed drop-off locations for trash and recycling. Common areas such as restrooms, conference rooms, and vestibules will be emptied daily. The purpose of this program is to have our Building & Grounds Attendants spend more time deep cleaning. We will focus on restrooms, entryways, dusting, and vacuuming office areas. Vacuuming and other disruptive tasks will be done before the occupant's work day begins.

Another reason for this is to try to discourage employees from trashing what should be recycled. The hope is that this self-service will drive up recycling which in turn will save the university money as well as help us to become more sustainable. The pilot program started on Monday, April 22nd (Earth Day) and be evaluated in 4 weeks. If successful, the program may move to additional buildings.

  • On your way to the restroom
  • On your way to lunch
  • If you need a break to stretch
  • When refilling your coffee cup
  • When getting a drink
  • On your way to a meeting
  • When exiting the buildings