Please complete this form by addressing all the questions. You may attach a grant, dissertation, or thesis proposal (supplementary information), but all fields must be completed. If any of the fillable fields do not pertain to you or your research, please write "NA" in the space provided. Students should include a letter from your advisor that evaluates your ability to conduct the proposed research. Once the request form is completed please click the submit button. You will receive an immediate email confirming that the NMU Center for Forensic Anthropology has received your application. It may take up to two weeks to receive a response regarding whether or not the research* is approved.

*Please note that at this time the NMU Center for Forensic Anthropology is not accepting applications to conduct research that makes use of nonhuman vertebrates.

Purpose of Study
Check all that apply.
Which Center for Forensic Anthropology facility do you require?
(i.e., will your research involve analysis or sampling that will cause the donor to be unusable
for other projects for any reason?)
Will your research require access to donor medical records?
Does your project require IRB or IACUC* approval?
*Note: All research that affects the natural environment of vertebrate animals and creates potential hazards for their health requires IACUC approval, including research on insects and scavengers that does not directly target any specific species (e.g., digging holes, building structures, setting sticky traps, filling cups with water that are left open).

Please attach IRB or IACUC documentation to supplementary information at the bottom of this form.

Do you have funding for the project?
Will you require use of Center for Forensic Anthropology consumables (e.g., gloves, absorbent pads, gowns, masks, etc.)?
Please include information about the number of days and the times (days, nights, weekend, etc.) that you will need access to the Center for Forensic Anthropology Facilities.

By submitting this form, I agree to the following:

  1. I will follow proper safety and handling procedures at the Center for Forensic Anthropology Facilities (FROST/FARL) including wearing proper personal protective equipment at all times and abide by written policies and procedures.
  2. I will only use photographs and images taken at FROST/FARL for documentation purposes and I will obtain written permission from the Director of the Center for Forensic Anthropology before using photographs for any publications, electronic transmissions (including internet), general distribution, commercial use, or any other purpose. I will provide the Center for Forensic Anthropology with a copy of any photographs or other images taken.
  3. I will provide the Center for Forensic Anthropology with a copy of all data collected at FROST/FARL.
  4. I will provide the Center for Forensic Anthropology a copy of all manuscripts associated with research at FROST/FARL.
  5. I will acknowledge the Center for Forensic Anthropology in all publications using data collected at Northern Michigan University/FROST/FARL.