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For information about the Forensic Research Outdoor Station (FROST) and Forensic Anthropology Research Laboratory (FARL), summer programs, workshops, or consulting, please e-mail FROST/FARL at or call (906) 227-1144. 

All media inquiries about FROST, FARL, or the academic programs associated with the facilities should be directed to the University Marketing and Communications Office.


Phone: (906) 227-2720

Fax: (906) 227-2722

For information about body donation, please visit the "Donations" tab or call (906) 227-1144. For additional information, please e-mail FROST/FARL at

If you are a current NMU student or a high school student who is interested in NMU and the FROST facility, please e-mail FROST/FARL at

For information about how you can make a financial donation to FROST/FARL, please visit the “Donations” tab. For additional information, please e-mail FROST/FARL at or call (906) 227-1144.

To request forensic anthropology services or for information about an ongoing case, please e-mail Dr. Jane Harris at or call (906) 362-2307.

If you are assisting an individual with end of life planning who wishes to donate his/her body after death to FROST/FARL, or if you are working with the legal next-of-kin of an individual who has recently passed away and they wish to donate the decedent’s body to FROST/FARL, please e-mail Carley Leanes or call (906) 362-2307.