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Download our step-by-step instruction guide for completing the CC Form 104-R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet)

September 26, 2009 marked a day in which LTC Kip Taylor was honored for his great accomplishments and dedication to the United States Army.  LTC Taylor was killed during 9/11 at the Pentagon.  His career began as a Northern Michigan ROTC cadet, which in 1985 was ended with his commissioning into the Adjutant General Corps. Age the age of 38, he was killed.  By this point in his life he had earned the Legion of Merit Award and the Purple Heart.

Cadets, friends, family, and band members, who included MAJ Rambo, head of the military science department, President of NMU, Dr. Wong, and Congressman Bart Stupak were just a few of the people in attendance of this ceremony.  In honor of his extraordinary service, a plaque inscribed with his name was added to NMU’s veteran rock. Speeches made by 2LT Kelly, MAJ Rambo, President Wong, and Reverend Martindale highlighted the life of this remarkable man and the impact he made on the people around him. The ceremony also included the unveiling of the rock by Kay Taylor, his mother, as well as MAJ Rambo and President Wong presenting a wreath in front of the monument. 

This ceremony was followed by a BBQ and picnic at the American Legion of Marquette, to celebrate NMU’s ROTC 40th Anniversary.  Alumni, current members, and members from Ironwood’s JROTC were invited to join in on the fun.  Food, games, and photo opportunities were all available for everyone to take part in.  The picnic preceded to NMU’s Homecoming activities which included the parade and football game.  Current cadets marched in the parade and also were involved in the pre-game presenting of the flags.  The entire day ended with an outstanding win by the NMU football team.

Summer Schools and Internships

Air Assault school is a 10-day program designed to instruct soldiers in air assault, sling load, pathfinder, and other rotary-wing aircraft operations. The course is held at Ft. Campbell, KY or at different Army posts on a rotational basis. Successfully completing the course requires completion of many rigorous physical tests, properly assessing sling loads, and completing several rappels including one out of a UH-60 Black Hawk. Upon graduating the course soldiers are allowed to wear the Air Assault badge on their uniforms. Cadets at NMU compete amongst each other for the available Air Assault slots each semester. 

Army Airborne School is a three week course designed to instruct soldiers in use of parachutes as a means of deployment. The school is broken up into three separate phases. Ground week consists of an ACFT and classroom instruction on the proper use of parachutes and airborne operations. During tower week soldiers complete practice jumps from 34 and 250 foot towers, practicing the required techniques to land safely. Jump week is the final phase where soldiers jump from aircraft and are required to make 5 successful unassisted jumps, including two night jumps. Upon graduation soldiers are allowed to wear the Airborne badge on their uniforms. Cadets at NMU generally compete at the brigade level to attend Airborne school.

Army Mountain Warfare School is held at the Ethan Allen Training Site in Vermont. Here, soldiers learn basic and advanced mountaineering skills, casualty evacuation techniques, proper mountain operational planning, and more. This challenging course teaches soldiers how to fight and win in the roughest of terrain. Both winter and summer courses are available. Cadets from NMU compete amongst themselves to attend this coveted school.

Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) is 2-3 weeks long and generally held over the summer each year. Cadets will link with a unit of their preferred branch and shadow a Lieutenant in their role, gaining a day-to-day look and hands-on experience for what their job may look like after graduation. For example, a cadet interested in the armor branch may be paired with an armor unit and work with a Lieutenant during company gunnery and qualification. A cadet interested in the medical services branch might shadow a Lieutenant in a medical-surgical unit at an Army hospital. CTLT provides an inside look into a unit and helps cadets decide what role in the Army is best for them.

Cadet Organizations and Events

NMU ROTC Color Guard is in charge of the ceremony and display of our state and nation's most important symbols, our flags. The Color Guard often performs at NMU sporting events, commencement, and other local events in Marquette. Members of the Color Guard must meticulously practice the wear of their uniform and drill and ceremonies, and are often the first cadets seen by the public. The Color Guard is a cadet-led organization and they meet as needed outside of normal ROTC event times to practice their craft.

Often referred to as "the varsity sport of ROTC", Ranger Challenge (RC) is held at every level of ROTC from the task force, to the brigade, to a nation-wide competition. Events at RC include land navigation, weapons qualification, first-aid, call for fire, and a timed road march with a rucksack. NMU cadets usually begin formal training and tryouts for RC teams in September, but individual preparation is year-round. The competition is divided into 9-man and 5-man divisions. Cadets who participate in RC set themselves ahead of their peers by challenging themselves and have the opportunity to learn new skills at a rapid pace.

Northern Warfare Challenge (NWC) is a unique challenge for schools in the Upper Midwest area. Held over two days in February at Ft. McCoy, it consists of several events such as knot tying, fire building, hypothermic casualty evaluation, and weapons qualification. The challenge culminates in an 18 mile ruck march through the snowy bluffs of LaCrosse, WI, often on snowshoes. Cadets who want to be on the 5-man NWC team must be physically and mentally tough, and well acclimated to winter conditions. Winning NWC often comes with the reward of a slot at Air Assault or Airborne school for the winning team. NMU cadets begin training as a team after the winter semester starts with early morning ruck marches up Hogsback and Sugarloaf, and along the shore of Superior.