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Melanie Flaherty

“I was overcome with how big of an impact NMU has had on my life. My favorite moment was being able to reflect on my time at NMU and realizing that I have another year here.”

Melanie Flaherty

Pre-Med Graduate

Numerous Opportunities

Our partnerships may help you along. NMU juniors from disadvantaged backgrounds may be assured of admission to Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine in our Early Assurance Program. Qualifying pre-physician assistant students can get guaranteed interviews with Central Michigan University’s PA program. Plus much more.

Experiential Learning

At Northern, we strongly believe in learning by doing. You’ll work closely with professors in hands-on laboratory work and on real-world-based projects, often using our local environment as a classroom and benefiting from visiting experts in your field.

Added Academic Benefits

Our programs not only provide a fascinating journey through liberal studies, but also a cohesive plan for the exact courses you’ll need in order to be prepared to continue on to your professional school. You’ll also get attentive personal guidance from an adviser who knows what it takes to gain entrance into these competitive programs.