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Pre-Pharmacy at NMU

The pre-pharmacy curriculum at NMU is designed to take between two and three years. During this time students complete the admission requirements of a pharmacy doctoral (Pharm D) program. In order to be a practicing pharmacist one needs the Pharm D degree, hours of practical experience and a passing score on a certification exam.

As each Pharm D program varies somewhat in its admission requirements, students are advised to frequently check school Web sites to remain aware of current admission requirements. In the state of Michigan three universities offer the Pharm D degree: Ferris State University, University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Other regionally located schools with such a program are the University of Minnesota (both in Duluth and the Twin Cities), University of Wisconsin at Madison and Midwestern University.

Professor Evan Pratt is the prepharmacy advisers. Please contact him if you have questions.

Links to the Web sites of various pharmacy programs targeted by NMU students are here:

The doctor of pharmacy (Pharm D) is the standard degree in the pharmacy area. A Pharm D degree requires six to eight years of study. The first two to four years of these programs are considered pre-pharmacy and are offered by NMU. The bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry may be applied toward admission into any of the above mentioned degree programs.

Each pharmacy school has distinctive pre-pharmacy course requirements, but most pharmacy schools have a heavy emphasis on chemistry and other related science courses.


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