About the Chemistry Department

Northern’s four chemistry majors explore how chemistry touches every aspect of life. These programs develop both the knowledge and research foundations you’ll need to head into the job market, graduate school or a professional program. If you have an interest in science, we can help you develop the skills needed to be successful in your career. The department's programs are accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Bachelor's degrees are granted in chemistry, biochemistry and forensic biochemistry. The chemistry major also prepares students for medical, dental and veterinary training, and many undergraduate students who major in chemistry at NMU are in the pre-med/pre-dental/pre-pharmacy program.

What You'll Do at NMU

As a NMU chemistry student, you’ll have access to some amazing science facilities and equipment. Most of the courses in your major will be taken in NMU’s Seaborg Science Complex, one of the finest university science facilities in the Midwest. You’ll also have the opportunity to do high-caliber student-faculty collaborative research. Northern students often present their research results at regional and national conferences. These experiences often lead to exciting opportunities off-campus such as summer internships. During every step of the way, you'll have the support of talented, caring and dedicated professors.


Chemistry Nano Drop Equipment

Thank You Donors

The Chemistry Department acquired a new instrument called a Nanadrop UV/VIS Spectrometer. This upgrade improves lab research and testing capabilities. In addition to this, other instruments in the department need costly chemicals and gases to operate. Thanks to gifts made this year by NMU alumni and friends, department faculty have funding to buy important instruments and supplies for lab equipment. 

Students in Chemistry Lab

Students in NMU’s chemistry programs are challenged by rigorous programs, but have excellent learning facilities and equipment. A caring, dedicated faculty stand ready to help our students succeed.

Experience Learning

At Northern, we believe students learn best when they are fully engaged in the subject matter and the best way to engage if you are one of our students is to work in a laboratory.  Faculty are always eager to work with students on projects.  There are a variety of opportunities ranging from topics like improving the synthesis of carbon Buckyballs, modeling protein-drug interactions, the detection of trace detonation materials, to the remediation of environmental pollutants. Off campus, NMU students have interned at crime labs throughout the Upper Midwest and at other universities in the summer.

Career Excellence

Chemistry touches virtually every aspect of modern life leading to career opportunities in industry, academics, and government. Chemists develop new drugs and vaccines, analyze forensic evidence, monitor environmental pollutants, reformulate consumer products, and design novel materials for electronics.  At NMU, your training in chemistry will prepare you for a wide range of jobs, such as crime lab analyst, environmental chemist, or educator. The chemistry degree also provides excellent preparation for pharmacy, medical and dental professions.  

Contact Information

The Chemistry Department has several initiatives to give our students hands-on learning and research experiences. We invite you to support the departments’ fundraising initiatives. 

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