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Northern Michigan University had approximately 500 students graduate this December. Nine of these students graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Chemistry Department. We would like to congratulate Conor Graydon a Chemistry major (ACS Certified), Annastiina Kesti (pictured below) and Jacob VanDenBerg both Forensic Biochemistry majors, Jesse Martinez, Marcus Martingilio, Morgan Naumann, Lauren Polick, Max Reznitchenko (pictured below) and Ricky Rietjens, all Medicinal Plant Chemistry majors. Wishing you all continued success in the future!

Chem Dept Grads F22


Out of the 1,012 eligible graduates for both May and August 2023, 62 from the chemistry department received a Bachelor of Science degree. Of the sixty-two, 36 were Medicinal Plant Chemistry majors, 14 were Forensic Biochemistry majors, 9 were Biochemistry majors and 3 were Chemistry (ACS Certified) majors. The department would like to say "Congratulations!" And, wish them all the best with their future endeavors. For a list of graduates please click the following link