Forensic Biochemistry Club

The objective of the Forensic Biochemistry Club (FBIC) student organization is to improve the overall education experience for FBIC majors, provide opportunities to gain skills and experience enabling students to reach their career goals more effectively, and to provide service to the forensic science profession and community. We also love to help the community around us and provide educational opportunities for younger students. 

Facebook: NMU FBIC
Instagram: nmu_fbic

Annual Events:

  • Spooky Science night
  • Adopt a Highway
  • Science Olympiad
  • Crime Lab Tour

Medicinal Plant Chemistry Club

The Medicinal Plant Chemistry group's mission is to explore more aspects of medicinal chemistry and medicinal plants other than cannabis, and a place for Med-P students to network. Membership is open to all Medicinal Plant Chemists, Chemists, Biochemists, Neurobiologists, Mircobiologists, and Anthropologist majors. Email for more information.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club’s focus was to promote and engage in activities related to chemistry and biochemistry. Providing resources from connecting with other students to information on chemistry-related graduate programs. Previously the club was advised by Dr. Lesley Putman of the Chemistry Department.

Currently, the Chemistry Club is inactive. If you wish to start this up again please reach out to Center for Student Enrichment to get the organization registered. Once that is done work with faculty and students for hosting meetings/activities!

Previous Activities hosted by the Chemistry Club

  • Group tutoring sessions
  • Organize a student/faculty picnic
  • Act as event assistants/judges for the regional Science Olympiad
  • Pick up trash on Adopt-A-Highway
  • Bring chemistry-related speakers to campus
  • Volunteer at the Children’s Museum, host presentations and help with activities.