Student in protective gear analyzing a sample swab

Emergency Focus Area: COVID-19

Thoughtful and careful emergency pre-planning helped us establish a strong mitigation response during COVID-19.  As we plan for a shift to an endemic state, it is important to reflect and make updates to our traditional emergency planning and training practices based on what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us about planning for long-term crises.

Action Plan: Emergency Focus Area: COVID-19

Emergency Focus Area: COVID-19_Track Changes






Three students in classroom wearing masks


  1. Build a COVID logistics plan for 2022-23 academic year to incorporate lessons learned and address ongoing COVID-related challenges.
  2. Identify adaptations put into place in response to COVID-19 that should be retained and incorporated into the university’s academic and general operations.
  3. Incorporate COVID “lessons learned” into existing NMU emergency planning processes and procedures.