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About NMU's Center for Rural Health

Northern Michigan University's Center for Rural Health (NMUCRH) is the first collaborating center with the State of Michigan’s Center for Rural Health. The Center's efforts include developing a network of committed partners in the Upper Peninsula who support creating efficiencies in healthcare delivery, expanding access to healthcare, increasing the coordination of care, and improving the quality of healthcare services.

The establishment of the Center will strive to improve outcomes, reduce costs, ensure access and efficient transitions of care, and promote innovative approaches in the region. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the rural healthcare system throughout the Upper Peninsula.


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Elise Bur

"As the development of the Center gets underway, I look forward to connecting with individuals in our communities and creating collaborative opportunities. It is my intent to not duplicate on-going efforts, but rather to understand current initiatives, appropriately contribute (when possible), and assist by linking people together in hopes of strengthening and building upon efforts that are working throughout the nation in rural communities."

Elise Bur

Director, NMU Center for Rural Health


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