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NASA Solar System Ambassador Program

Grade levels: Adjusted to the audience
Fee: Cost of travel

Local Requirements:

  • Screen or white wall, power outlet and a place to set up a projector
  • Have students research background information for the mission on the Internet.
  • Speaker will provide a computer and computer projector, as well as power cables


  • Call Seaborg Center at 906-227-2002 to arrange a visit.
  • Visits should need to be scheduled well in advance.
  • One week notice is requested for cancellation


  • Planets
    • Mercury: Messenger Mission
    • Earth: Oceanography
    • Mars:
      • Rovers: Opportunity and Spirit
      • Mars Global Surveyor
      • Mars Recon Orbiter
      • Mars Odyssey
    • Jupiter: Galileo Spacecraft
    • Saturn: Cassini Spacecraft
    • Pluto: New Horizons
  • Comets: Deep Impact Mission (completed)
  • Space Telescopes
    • Hubble Space Telescope
    • Spitzer Infrared Scope
  • Sun
    • Hubble Space Telescope
    • Spitzer Infrared Scope