Who: Available to all currently enrolled NMU graduate students in the sciences. Award may be used to support scientific investigation in any field, including mathematics research. Requires a minimum 3.0 graduate GPA.

What: A scholarship to defray costs of living during the summer while a student conducts a research project associated with their NMU graduate degree. Scholarship may be won by students on or off TA support, but not by students who are fully supported for their living expenses during the summer. Partially funded students are welcome to apply, but should clearly explain their other funding.

Amount: Up to $3500/summer or the current rate for an NMU teaching assistant during the school year (pending funding). Partial stipends may be awarded if funds and circumstances warrant. Funds will be disbursed in several payments over the course of the summer.

Other expectations:

  1. Winner will be expected to apply for a Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid. Application deadlines are March 15 and October 15; see http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/giar/index.shtml for more information. Students are encouraged to read the “Tips for Preparing a Successful Application” on this page before preparing their application.
  2. Winner will attend the Sigma Xi banquet and provide a brief (5 min) overview of their intended research;
  3. Winner will submit a report at the end of the summer outlining their progress in their research conducted over the summer. Students will also receive a free Sigma Xi affiliate membership and be supported in their attendance at our banquet;
  4. Applicants will provide information about current and pending support when applying for the NMU Sigma Xi Summer Stipend Scholarship, and will also notify other entities providing awards if they have applied for or been awarded a NMU Sigma Xi Summer Stipend Scholarship;
  5. Winners are expected to make reasonable progress and show reasonable effort on their research programs during the course of the summer. Failure to focus on their project, based on input from the thesis advisor, will lead to suspension of support.

Timelines: Applications due March 1. Announcement of winner March 9.

Application Process: Students will complete an Application (similar to the Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid program) that describes their research project and their need for a summer stipend.

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by the Sigma Xi review committee which shall include faculty representatives from at least three NMU science departments. Winner to be selected based on 1) quality of research project proposed 2) quality of application preparation.

Sponsor: Sponsored by NMU Sigma Xi