Caroline Cheng

Assistant Professor

Introduction Video

Dr. Caroline Cheng received her undergraduate degree in English language, literature, and
psychology from the University of Hong Kong. She continued to study for a postgraduate
certificate in Education while she was a high school educator in Hong Kong. Dr Cheng received
her BSSW and MSW from the University of North Dakota and earned her Doctoral degree at the
Institute of Global Health and Development at the Queen Margaret University (UK).

Dr. Cheng’s thesis is focused on the impact of social capital, particularly social connections on
asylum seekers and refugees’ subjective wellbeing. She has taught both undergraduate and
graduate students in the UK and India prior to taking up the position of Assistant Professor at
NMU. Her research interests include health and well-being, human rights advocacy, child
protection, international social work, migration especially for the refugee and asylum population,
and social enterprise. Dr Cheng is an active member of the International Consortium of Social
Development, and has 8 peer-reviewed publications with several book chapters from her
previous and ongoing research projects. She is actively working on global collaborations and she
was involved in two research projects on political asylum and trauma (London, Toronto, and
Philadelphia) and child trafficking issues (India and Nepal). Currently, she has been working on
the challenges and coping mechanisms of the pandemics, and the research is ongoing involving
diverse populations in the mid-west regions.


Caroline Cheng