Tashina Emery

Mino-bimose'idiwag Program Coordinator

Tashina Emery is known as the Clearing of the Sky Cloud woman, Misanaquadikwe. The one who can clear a cloudy day. Tashina is from the small reservation, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community of Michigan. She teaches during the day as an Adjunct Professor at the Keweenaw Bay Ojibwe Community College, enriching the minds of students with the wisdom of our ancestors. In the evenings, Tashina’s creative spirit shines through her jewelry business, and her dedication to writing. Drawing on her experience and education, including her MFA in Creative Writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

Tashina’s dedication to justice is evident in her recent role as the Associate Judge for her Tribe's Judicial Branch, appointed by the Tribal Council. But above all, she is doing it all while being a mother, “worrying and caring for my little brown baby and all future brown babies. My movement on and off the reservation has led to my passion as a lifelong learner”, adding to her life bundle and superpowers of legacy.

Headshot of Tashina Emery