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Students in the Sociology and Anthropology Department will learn about social problems, group dynamics, cultural diversity and the forces associated with social change in a global community. Students also will gain an understanding of cultural processes that shape individual and group behavior, and will acquire skills in conducting and evaluating social research. Our programs provide students with an understanding of theory and methodology, and offer opportunities to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to experiences in the field through work placement and internship opportunities. Each of our programs also stresses the importance of interdisciplinary education, so students graduate with a well-rounded background that provides a solid foundation for growth in their professional lives. Additionally, small class sizes allow students to build relationships with faculty and classmates that foster their development as students and professionals. 

Students may also select from department minors (Sociology or Anthropology) to complement their major.

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The bylaws of the Sociology and Anthropology Department constitute the means whereby the department agrees to conduct its internal affairs and by which it shall address procedures and standards for faculty appointments, evaluations, promotions, and tenure recommendations. These procedures and standards shall address and be in compliance with the general standards and procedures specified in Article V of the Master Agreement. The Bylaws and any revisions or amendments become operative upon completion of the process stipulated in the extant Master Agreement.

Bylaws Approved May 10, 2011


The Sociology and Anthropology Department is a combined department with a major program in Sociology and a major in Anthropology. Both components also offer minor programs. The department head is the primary administrator for the department. For questions or information, please contact the department secretary Susan Henderson.

Susan Henderson
Senior Secretary
2400 Jamrich Hall
Phone: 906-227-2706
Fax: 906-227-1212