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The Sociology and Anthropology Department has several initiatives to give our students hands-on learning and research experiences. We invite you to support the department's fundraising initiatives.

For donations made through NMU, go to our secure NMU online credit card donation form. Fill out the top part of the form (Personal Information) as directed.

Under the 'Contribution Options' you will be able to designate where your funds go. To insure that your donation will go directly to Upper Michigan Brain Tumor, scroll down to the second option under the ‘Designation’ dropdown menu and choose '** Of click HERE for Other Requests.’  Then type in ‘Sociology and Anthropology Department’ in the box marked ‘If other:.’  

Complete the rest of the form as appropriate.

For additional information, go to visit the NMU Foundation website (linked below) or please contact the NMU Foundations office at 906-227-2627 or foundtn@nmu.edu.

Mail Donations

For help with mailing donations, please contact the NMU Foundation, at 906-227-2627 or foundtn@nmu.edu.  

Major Gifts

For help with major gifts, please contact the NMU Foundation, at 906-227-2627 or foundtn@nmu.edu.