Dr.  McEvoy

Phone: 906-227-1687
Office: 2412 Jamrich Hall
E-mail: amcevoy@nmu.edu


  • Ph.D.  Sociology; Western Michigan University
  • MA     Sociology; Western Michigan University
  • BA      Grand Valley State University



Seek truth.  Embrace justice.  Live deliberately.  Show compassion.  Express gratitude.  Celebrate beauty.  Respect life.

These elemental statements reflect the aspirations and the actions that compel me.  Together they define my pathway to effective teaching, to creative scholarship, and to responsible citizenship. 

I grew up in Grand Rapids where I attended school and explored the natural wonders of Michigan.  After I earned my Ph. D. in Sociology from Western Michigan University, I taught for many years in Ohio.  Now I have returned to my native state to continue doing that which I most value – teach a new generation of students, work collaboratively with colleagues, and seek solutions to the myriad problems that confront our society.

As an educator and Sociologist I focus on problems of violence and injustice.  I have published books and articles on rape, child abuse, youth suicide, domestic violence, bullying, gambling, and violence in schools.  I am especially concerned with helping victims of violence heal, and supporting schools and community organizations in preventing violence.

In addition to my research interests, I have a passion for photography.  I am thrilled by the challenge of capturing an unguarded moment that reveals a deeper essence.  Kaleidoscopic patterns of light, shape-shifting landscapes, and the complexities of the human condition offer endless photographic possibilities.

I feel fortunate to be in a department whose members are engaged in promoting the well-being of students and the larger community.  Come by and visit – we can learn from one another.