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Social Work Lab

Pursuing a Sociology or Anthropology Degree

Students who are pursuing majors and minors in the Sociology and Anthropology Department will cross the commencement stage feeling confident in their preparation to start their professional careers. Most NMU students get their first exposure to the department in a large section of SO 101 Introductory Sociology or AN 101 Cultural Anthropology, but we offer many opportunities to work closely with faculty on special projects that will enrich your education.  See some great examples here.


Outside the Classroom

Inside and Outside of the Classroom

In the classroom, students gain an understanding of theory and methodology. Many of the courses are taught in sequence, so students will move through the program with a consistent group of classmates; they will have the opportunity to form relationships with professors and fellow students that will foster their development.     

Outside of the classroom, students gain practical experience in the field through work placement and internship opportunities.  Their hands-on experience bridges the gap between the classroom and their future career.