Northern Michigan University works diligently to maintain the highest level of integrity in all areas of its mission and daily operations.  However, it is important that students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and other consumers of NMU’s services know what to do in the event of a situation that involves suspected fraud or illegal/unethical behaviors regarding consumer protection.  In addition to the university’s internal policy for reporting fraud and other consumer protection violations, NMU follows the federal guideline of providing a state contact where complaints can be filed in accordance with the following:

"States should retain the primary role and responsibility for student consumer protection against fraudulent or abusive practices by some postsecondary institutions. For an institution to be considered to be legally authorized to offer postsecondary programs, a State would be expected to handle complaints regarding not only laws related to licensure and approval to operate but also any other State laws including, for example, laws related to fraud or false advertising. We agree that a State may fulfill this role through a State agency or the State Attorney General as well as other appropriate State officials." Federal Register /Vol. 75, No. 209 / Friday, October 29, 2010 /Rules and Regulations page 66865-6

Complaints involving public university consumer protection violations may be directed to: Office of the Attorney General of the State of Michigan; Consumer Protection Division, P.O. Box 30213, Lansing, MI 48909?7713. For more information online, please go to:,1607,7?164?1773?42077??,00.html.