What do you aspire to be?

Whether you'd like to provide critical healthcare services, educate the next generation, or protect the digital infrastructure of a large corporation, NMU is ready to prepare you for what comes next.




Learn how to solve crimes and identify missing persons at the world’s first cold-weather facility for the study of human remains at NMU’s Forensic Research Outdoor Station and lab. (FROST)

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BEAR Center

BEAR Center

In this regional Behavioral Education, Assessment & Research clinic (BEAR), students pursuing a degree in applied behavior analysis work with children with autism, developmental disabilities and language-deficits, helping them develop adaptive, social and life skills.

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Medicinal Plant Chemistry Class

Medicinal Plant Chemistry

The first medicinal plant chemistry program in the country, this major is for those interested in the cannabis, natural pharmaceuticals and herbal extracts markets. Students choose a concentration in either the business or laboratory side of these lucrative industries. You’ll cultivate plants and extract and identify compounds using high-tech instrumentation, and conduct a self-designed research project.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry Program

Student working in Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center

Northern students are deeply involved in real-world scientific and creative research, professional conferences and educational community service from the start. Here are just a few examples of what NMU students can get involved in:

Invent @ NMU

Teams of students in degrees as diverse as art & design, mechanical engineering and marketing work with clients to bring their business, product and service concept to life in this idea incubator. They get paid, too.


NMU is home to a new Cybersecurity Institute dedicated to generating solutions to national and business IT security problems with partners such as IBM. In our Information Assurance/Cyber Defense major, students hack systems ethically and dive into cyber law and network forensics.


Speech Language & Hearing sciences student

Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic

Students train to become speech-language pathologists by providing screenings, evaluations and therapy for children and adults in this speech, language and hearing clinic that serves the community.


Brain tumor research lab

Brain Tumor Research Center

In this nationally recognized collaborative brain tumor research lab, students, faculty and physicians work to better understand an aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, and in turn create less invasive and more effective treatments for patients. Students work with actual tumor samples and learn skills that set them ahead in PhD programs and medical schools.


students working in a media room

Media & Entertainment

Make movies in our digital cinema studio. Work behind the scenes on plays at the Forest Roberts Theatre. Broadcast live on NMU’s public radio and television stations, or the student-run Public Eye News. Be a writer or editor for The North Wind newspaper or Passages North journal. Tour Europe with the choir. Get professional credentials in social media design and management.