Board of Trustees

Northern's eight-member governing board, the Board of Trustees, is appointed by Michigan's governor and has general supervision of the institution, the control and direction of all expenditures from the institution's funds, and such other powers and duties as prescribed by law. It also has the authority to hire and evaluate the university president, who reports directly to the board.

Academic Affairs Division

The Academic Affairs Division is managed by the vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost. It has oversight of all departments that are related to academics.

Extended Learning and Community Engagement Division

Northern has made extending and online learning a priority in order to provide higher education to more people. One of the initial projects from the extended learning division is the Northern Promise through which the university will work with U.P. high schools to offer college credits to students in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

Finance and Administration Division

The Finance and Administration Division is managed by the vice president for Finance and Administration. It has oversight of all departments that are related to the business operations of the university, including those that involve financial functions, employment, facilities, and information technology at Northern.

Northern Michigan University Foundation

This division includes the NMU Foundation and the Alumni Association Office

President's Division

The President's Division falls under the direction of the university president and includes departments responsible for the university's strategic planning, public safety, internal auditing, and athletic departments, as well as the equal opportunity office.