Students in the Communication and Media Studies Department have been recognized at regional and national levels for their achievements television and radio broadcasting, and formerly in in public relations, and theatre. Click on the links below to view award recipients.

The CAMS Department also honors graduating seniors on an annual basis who have demonstrated academic excellence that sets them apart from their fellow students. View the past outstanding senior award recipients here.

Other Awards:


2020 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards

Sports Announcing Team:

First Place:  "NMU v. WSU Football"

CAMS Students involved included Max Stevens, Nate Jacobs, Luke Delaney and Sara Tuggle.


Best Sports Announcing Team 


Max Stevens (play-by-play), Don Ede (color commentary), Cali Hunter (sideline reporter) and Anne Ludwig (director). 


Max Stevens (play-by-play), Todd Rose (color commentary), Andy Ridolphi and Chandler Gaboury, who shared directing duties.



Dan Zini was awarded NMU's Innovative Technology Student Award 



NMU students have won Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards for the last 18+ years for their work in television and radio production. Winners since 2001 are listed below.

 Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards  Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards



Samantha Carter a media production and new technology major was awarded the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation (MABF) Scholarship.

Chelsea Birdsall, a multimedia journalism major won two merit awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  One Merit Award was for News Anchoring and the other was for Investigative Reporting.



College Television

Daily Newscast/Sportscast
HONORABLE MENTION - Northern Michigan University, Public Eye News 12/2/14, Mikenzie Frost, Aubrey Kall, Alyssa Lambert, Dan Kamppinen

Sports Play-By-Play 
FIRST - Northern Michigan University, NMU v. Finlandia Men's Basketball, Jon Modic, Brice Burge, Lauren Gruber, Dylan Ranguette

SECOND - Northern Michigan University, NMU v. BGSU Hockey, John Main, Lauren Lee, Brice Burge, Jon Modic

HONORABLE MENTION - Northern Michigan University, NMU v. Concordia Women's Basketball, Kris Thomas, Chris Fedrizzi, Justin Berkel, Larry Taylor


College Sports Television - Play-by-Play and Production: 

     First Place - Tyler Schwemin, Trent Bailey, Justin Berkel and Mikenzie Frost

College Sports Television - Play-by-Play Announcing and Production: 

     Second Place - Tyler Schwemin, Cody Boyer, Jill Willman and Jenna Kirby

Scholarship Winners: 

Daniel Zini won the MAB Foundation Scholarship

Patricia Larkin won the Upper Peninsula Radio Broadcast Alliance (UPRBA) Broadcasting Scholarship



College Radio - Public Service Announcement

     Second Place - Phillip Nichols


College Television - Sports Play-by-Play

     First Place - Joel Vendittelli, Adam Holloway, Ryan Clark and Jordan Smeltzer


Radio Daily Newscast/News Feature  
     First Place - Mollie Anderson
Television Sports Play-by-Play
     Honorable Mention - Joel Vendittelli, Brad Gicopoulos, William Olesak, Youngjong Lee


Radio Station Activities Report
    Second Place - Louis Justman, Erin Astle
Television Talk Show
    Honorable Mention - Pete Francis, Brice Burge, Sean Kelly
Television Sports Play-by-Play
    Second Place - Jordan Pink, Joe Chenail, Louis Justman
   Honorable Mention - Louis Justman, Jerry Tudor, Pete Francis


Television Public Service Announcement
    Honorable Mention - Jordan Graves
Television Sportscast/Sports Play-by-Play
   First Place - Pete Francis, Antoine Harris, Jordan Wyers


Television Public Service Announcement
    Second Place - Dustin Alcock, Cory Cameron, Jerry Tudor


Television Sports Play-by-Play
    Second Place - Tyler Czarnopis, Luis Gomez, Cody
    Smith and Dan VanderMeuse
Television Talk Show
    Second Place - Ian McLeod, James Opiekun, Dan VanderMeuse
Television Public Service Announcement
    Second Place - Elizabeth Gasperich
Daily Television Newscast/Sportscast
    Honorable Mention - Katherine Cox


Radio Daily Sportscast/Newscast/News Feature
    First Place - Douglas Craft
Radio Public Service Announcement
    Honorable Mention - Anne-Marie Gibbs
Radio Health Public Service Announcement
    First Place - Justin Garrant, RJ Walters and Cody Smith
    Second Place - Shannon Altic and Adam Harkness
    Honorable Mention - Peter Nemanich and Kimberly Stobb
Radio Large Group Production
    First Place - BC 271 Audio Production Class
Television Daily Newscast/Sportscast
    Second Place - Jamie Thompson
Television Public Service Announcement
    Second Place - Gabriel Thorburn


Radio Daily Newscast/News Feature
    Second Place - Kayla Rice and Gavin Telfer
    Honorable Mention - Adam Czarnecki, Airen Olszewski and Diana Shannon
Radio Talk Show
    Honorable Mention - Edmund Brown and Matt Wellens
Television Newscast
    First Place - Brandon Thomas
Television News Feature/Magazine Program
    Honorable Mention - Jerry Hume


Radio Public Service Announcement
    Honorable Mention - Adam Czarnacki and John Wellman
Television Talk Show
    Honorable Mention - Anna Patrick and Rachel Melnick


Radio Newscast
    First Place - Joshua Hagadorn
    Second Place - Jeffrey Everson
    Honorable Mention - Ben Williamson and Tara Baker
Television News Feature
    Second Place - Joshua Hagadorn


Radio Public Service Announcement
    First Place - Wesley Oman
    Second Place - Alexia Rutherford and James Pelon
Television Public Affairs Program
    First Place - Randy Carlisle


Radio Newscast
    First Place - Korey Phare
    Second Place - Julie Henner
    Honorable Mention - Randy Carlisle
Radio Large Group Production
    Honorable Mention - BC 271 Audio Production Class
Television Large Group Production
    First Place - Public Eye News


Radio Public Service/Commercial Announcement
    First Place - Orian Couling and Jamie Cairns
    Second Place - Jamie Cairns
    Honorable Mention - April Spray and Laurie Burry


  • Allison Opheim was one of the 2018 Anna and Rich Lundin Honors Summer Research Fellowship winners.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA):

Students involved in NMU's Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America have received various honors throughout the years. In fact, the 2011 "Community Service Award" makes the fourth Leadership Recognition award for PRSSA in seven years, including "Star Chapter Award" for outstanding Chapter and Professional Development (2015), "Organization of the Year" (2005), "Program of the Year" (2006), and "Advisor of the Year" (2008).  No other student organization has won in four of the six award categories.  Their other achievements are listed below:


Heather Cook took over as the local chapter president and she was selected for the first PRSSA Member Spotlight which was a new feature that recognized outstanding members who went above and beyond for their chapter, school and community.


Emma Finkbeiner becomes PRSSA's National President                                                                                                                                                                   

Jordan Paquet was elected as PRSSA 2014-15 National Vice President of Member Services. 

NMU's chapter won the Star Chapter Award for outstanding Chapter and Professional Development      

Brian Price was elected as PRSSA 2013-14 National President

Brian Price was elected as PRSSA 2012-13 National Vice President of Chapter Development
-Received the Elaine Averick outstanding national committee member award

National President's Award Winner - Brian Price
National Gold Key Award Winner - Brian Price

Volunteer Organization of the Month: February 2011

Volunteered by working with the White House Advance Team during President Obama's visit to NMU in February 2011

Selected Community Member of the year by Learning Family Homes

Won Superior Edge volunteer hours logging competition for Leadership

Won Superior Edge volunteer hours logging competition with 3,007.5 hours

Community Service Award winner:  April 2011

Teaching Family Homes Community Member of the Year

Faculty Adviser, Walter Niebauer, recognized at PRSSA National
Conference for 18 years of advising, service, involvement and support.

NMU Adviser of the Year: Wally Niebauer

NMU Student Organization Program of the Year for speed skating entertainment at the USOEC Short Track Speed skating Trails


NMU Student Organization of the Year
Cristina Seiter received the Elaine Averick outstanding national committee member award

Top three finalist for Chapter of the Year at the National Conference
Cristina Seiter was elected as PRSSA National Vice President Internship/Job Services

National President's Award Winners - Julee Basal, Cristina Seiter, Jessica Kobriger, Rachel Melnick and Ben Williamson
Presented a Chapter Development Session titled "No town too big, no town too small -
PR, it's all around!" at the National Conference - Julee Basal, Cristina Seiter, Jessica
Kobriger, Rachel Melnick and Ben Williamson

Walter Niebauer was selected as the NMU Student Organization Adviser of the Year

Kimberly Prohaska was elected as PRSSA National Vice President of Public Relations