The Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Graduate Certificate is a one-year, 100% online, 8-course, 24-credit graduate certificate focused on molecular diagnostic tools used in a clinical setting for identification of microbial pathogens, molecular characterization of human cancers for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, and typing of human tissue for transplant. 

Students will analyze properties of eukaryotic, prokaryotic and viral genomes and investigate how diagnostic tools are employed for molecular identification and disease prognosis. 

The Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Graduate Certificate increases the marketability of your medical students by closing the knowledge gap between medical professionals and the clinical laboratory.

All certificate coursework counts towards a Master’s degree.

Certificate Course Sequence

Fall Courses Winter Courses Summer Courses

CLS 520 Principles of Clinical Molecular Diagnostics (3 cr.)

CLS 536 Clinical Genetics (3 cr.) CLS 538 Molecular Identification of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (3 cr.)
CLS 526 Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Techniques (3 cr.)

CLS 545 Molecular Identification of Viral and Fungal Pathogens (3 cr.)

CLS 543 Molecular Diagnostics in Identity Testing (3 cr.)
CLS 541 Clinical Applications of Genomic Medicine (3 cr.)    CLS 544 Molecular Identification of Bacterial Pathogens (3 cr.)



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