The Criminal Justice Association at Northern Michigan University is a group for those interested in the field of Criminal Justice. As a group, we get involved within the community and hold events to expand our horizons in different aspects of our field. The NMU Criminal Justice Association is open to all Northern Michigan University students. 


Caleb 2023


Caleb Nimee


Jenna 2023

Vice President

Jenna Laway


My name is Jenna and I’m from Cheboygan, Michigan. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology and Substance Use. I currently work for the Michigan State Police as a cadet and after graduation, I hope to attend a MSP recruit school. Some of my hobbies include hiking, going to concerts, working out, golfing, and traveling.


Alexa 2023


Alexa Murray


Susan 2023


Susan Pattee


Hello, my name is Susan Pattee, I am a senior at Northern and I am from Westland, Michigan. I am studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I currently work with the Michigan State Police as a Cadet and hope to become a Trooper after graduation. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, and working out. I have been a part of CJA for two years now and I am always on the hunt for volunteering and team-building opportunities.


Christ headshot


Chris MacMaster


Lexie Belles


Lexie Belles



Meeting details are yet to be decided. Those on the CJA mailing list will be notified when meetings have been scheduled. Watch your NMU e-mail.  If you are interested in coming to our meetings, request to be put on the CJA mailing list.

Check out some of the things we do!

  • Tutoring: We will be tutoring at the elementary school at K.I. Sawyer throughout various times this semester. Please check in later to get more information.
  • Teaching Family Homes: Also, the CJA is volunteering at Teaching Family Homes, which is a place where underprivileged children can look up to role models and increase their opportunities for the future.

Why get involved

The field of criminal justice is growing rapidly and it is extremely competitive to get into the field without a good education. More and more agencies are hiring candidates who have gone beyond a high school education, even though that may be the minimum educational requirement. It is important for each individual to get involved in more than their academics if they want to show potential employers that they stand above the crowd. A great way to do this is to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Becoming a member of the Criminal Justice Association and being active in the group, shows you have a sincere interest in the field of criminal justice.

The CJA participates in a number different projects throughout the year. Often we are called upon to act as security officers for NMU sponsored special events or concerts. We work with community leaders with special projects such as Kaleidoscope. This group helps photograph and fingerprint children, to help identify missing children. We work with community agencies concerned about the environment or assist with the UP 200 Dog Sled competition. We bring in guest speakers to talk about careers in the criminal justice field, such as K-9 groups who provide demonstrations working with dogs.  Alternatively, other speakers will provide real-life  experiences, like working as a police officer, as a secret service agent, as a loss prevention officer and many other careers. Students also enjoy fun time activities such as practicing their shooting skills with the shooting simulator. We take tours of the Marquette Maximum Security Prison. Or, we just enjoy a good round of paint ball shooting or other special outings..

Every person brings new ideas opportunities to the organization.  The more people the better the club becomes. We have a variety of traditional and non-traditional students who are currently working in the field to share their expertise. Learning from others about real-life experiences is what it is all about.

For more information, keep checking your e-mails as we send out information about upcoming meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the CJA president.