End of Semester Course/Faculty Evaluations Instructions

Each semester students are given an opportunity to evaluate their instructor/course for the criminal justice and loss prevention management courses that they are currently enrolled in. These evaluations are anonymous and are not linked to the individual student. Faculty will not be able to view the results until after grades have been submitted. We highly encourage each student to complete the evaluation and make comments. The results will assist us in refining our courses and our overall curriculum.

  • The evaluation Web site will be available to students the last week of the semester and through the exam week.
  • Only students who are officially enrolled in CJ or LPM courses will be able to access the site.
  • Comments are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Do not use the navigation tools within the browser, use the Save, Comment, Finish, Home and Logout functions within the screen.

Again, even though you log in with your NMU ID and password, that information is not linked to you specifically, so please make comments as appropriate.

Instructions for Students

The following information is provided as an explanation of what you will see when you move through this process.

  1. Go to the evaluation Web site and log in using your NMU ID and password (the same login information for NMU e-mail).
  2. Click on student.
  3. The list of courses will appear; those with evaluation forms are shown with a box surrounding the course sequence number, faculty ID, and the name will appear.
  4. Click on the appropriate box at the course sequence number to open the form.
  5. Complete the evaluation; be sure to click save data and comments.


  • You can save the form and go back to it again if you do not finish in one session.
  • Repeat these steps if you are enrolled in more than one CJ or LPM course.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the department secretary at 906-227-2660.
  • Thank you for participating in this evaluation process; it provides useful and important feedback to the department.