Northern Michigan University
Criminal Justice Department

Faculty Evaluation - Questions

Thank you in advance for participating in this process. The information you provide us will help aid us in improving our curriculum and  teaching assignments.

INSTRUCTIONS:  We want your anonymous responses; so please, be candid in your responses and provide additional comments as needed.  Select the best response using one of the following choices:

A = Strongly Agree

B = Agree     

C = Neither Agree Nor Disagree

D = Disagree

E = Strongly Disagree


1.       The course objectives and requirements were very clear.

2.       The knowledge obtained in this course was important to the career it represents.

3.       The course content and the difficulty level of the textbook and reading assignments were appropriate.

4.       The course examinations accurately reflected what was taught in this course.

5.       The course work required was appropriate for the credit hours received.

6.       The course was a good learning experience.


7.       The instructor was organized and came prepared to instruct class.

8.       The instructor’s examinations were fair.

9.       The instructor’s grading system was fair.

10.    The instructor showed and interest in the students.

11.    The instructor encouraged students to participate in discussions when appropriate.

12.    The instructor presented class material in a manner interesting to me.

13.    The instructor offered clear explanations of materials.

14.    The instructor possessed good communication skills.

15.    General Comments:  May include, for example, things that you liked the least, or the things you like the best; or suggestions on what you think could be done to make this course a more effective learning experience.