Instructions: Degree Completion Verification For Police Academy

Policy: Degree Requirement to Attend Police Academy

In order to attend the Police Academy, you must have completed a minimum of a two-year degree program or request a letter from the Criminal Justice Department that indicates you will complete a degree upon successful completion of the academy.


To accomplish this task, you must provide documentation (as outlined below) and present it to the Criminal Justice Department (110 Gries Hall) for verification. The department will review the materials to verify that all requirements have been completed (or will be completed at the end of the academy session). The Criminal Justice Department will then prepare a letter and send it to the Director of Public Safety Institute to be included your application materials.


  • Download your academic transcript from MyNMU.
  • Download your appropriate advising sheet from the forms page located at under the Forms tab at the top of this page. This form allows you to directly link to the Undergraduate Bulletin to assist you in determining what courses count, for example, as liberal studies, minor requirements and also provides information on policy issues.
  • Using your transcript, list all of the courses you completed on the advising sheet in the appropriate areas. 
  • Fill in each of the fields to indicate: date/year taken, grade received, and credits earned.
  • Be sure to include the current courses you are enrolled in for the current semester, except the box for grade received will be left blank.
  • If you attended other colleges and universities and the transcript does not reflect that transfer credit your received, please attach a copy of your transfer evaluation form and be sure the courses are listed on the advising sheet.
  • Review the sheet to be sure the courses you use for your CJ major have a minimum "C" grade in order to count toward your degree.
  • Check the Undergraduate Bulletin regarding your minor's course requirements and the department's policies concerning minimum overall GPA, and/or course grade, etc.
  • Check all special notes on the advising sheet to be sure you are completing the appropriate graduation requirements, as they apply to your degree, such as HP credit limits, natural science-lab requirements, world cultures requirements, etc.
  • Make a final review of the advising sheet to ensure you meet the credits required in each of the respective areas, as well as the overall total requirements for the degree.
  • Keep a copy of the materials for yourself.

Send Materials

Attach your transcript and Transfer Equivalency Worksheet (if needed) to the advising sheet and drop it off or mail it to the CJ Department, 110 Gries and request that the department prepare you a letter for the academy. You can also send in your request via e-mail or fax (see below).



If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Criminal Justice Department's secretary for further guidance.

Criminal Justice Department
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855
FAX: 906-227-1754