Course Syllabus
(Course Number) - (Course Title)
(Semester) (Year)

Office Hours:
(full name, rank (or adjunct instructor))
(office location, building, room number)
(preferred number where you want to be contacted (office, home, cell))
(be specific if you only answer your e-mails on certain days/time period)
(days and times) (E.S.T. Eastern Standard Time)


  • List course the description from the academic bulletin.
  • Course pre-requisites (if any).
  • Minimum grade required to pass course (for use in major/minor).
  • Include if the course satisfies any liberal studies requirements (specify what division).


  • Objectives or goals of the course – what you expect students will learn or be able to do at completion of the course.


  • Text(s) (type the listing in this format: Author’s last name, First name. Textbook title. Edition number (if edition is higher than the first edition). City of publication, State; Publisher's name, Date of publication.)
  • Additional reading(s).
  • Additional materials needed.


  • List of exams, quizzes, assignments, assessments, projects and presentations. Number of each and percentage of grade or number of points for each.
  • Policies for makeup quizzes, exams, or late assignments.
  • Policies for taking exams early.


  • Attendance policy, expected classroom behavior, rules, and other policies regarding student conduct, use of mobile devices, cell phones, safety/health issues.
  • List point deductions from grade of the above list, if any.


  • Score or percentage cutoffs that determine final grade.
  • Grading policy options (whether or not the lowest exams or quizzes will be dropped or use of class curve).
  • Additional expectations for passing the course.
  • Academic Integrity Statement 
    • Example: Students are expected to practice the highest standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in all of their academic work. Any form of academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, cheating and misrepresentation) may result in disciplinary action. Possible disciplinary actions may include failure for part of all of a course as well as suspension from the University. Refer to the University’s Student Handbook.

ACCOMMODATIONS FOR DISABILITIES: (this must be on all NMU syllabi)

If you have a need for disability-related accommodations or services, please inform the Coordinator of Student Support and Disability Services at 1104 University Center (Phone: 227-1737; TTY 227-1543). Reasonable and effective accommodations and services will be provided to students if requests are made in a timely manner, with appropriate documentation, in accordance with federal, state, and university guidelines.


  • List of topics covered.
  • Readings and other assignments due.
  • Dates linked to information listed above.
  • Dates of vacations/holiday/breaks or when class will not be held.
    • Note: Assignments and/or exams cannot be conducted during “official” holidays or semester breaks.


  1. Always check with your academic department head to see if there are other policies or notes required or recommended for your course syllabus.
  2. Syllabi for web courses should include a note to students that date/times reflect Eastern Standard Time (E.S.T.).
  3. The university policy requires that a copy of your course syllabus be kept on file. Send a copy to the academic department secretary.