Inquire About Services

  • Schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss your individual situation and how your course performance may be impacted, this may be especially helpful during your initial transition from military life to the civilian classroom
  • Documentation does not have to be provided at this initial meeting, we understand that it may be difficult to get documentation in a timely manner from the VA
  • All information discussed, and any documentation provided, is kept confidential

What We Do

  • Provide services and reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities so they may have an equal educational opportunity.
  • Collaborate with students and review documentation to determine the eligibility of appropriate and reasonable accommodations at a post-secondary level.
  • Assist in arranging course, classroom, and testing accommodations.
  • Help students develop self-advocacy skills and confidence to take responsibility for their academic success.
  • Facilitate university compliance with federal legislation.
  • Promote campus awareness regarding disability issues.