Step 1

Students must log into the NMU Disability Services Portal to request a profile.  This will begin the accommodation request process.  Students must request accommodations each semester of attendance.  Students are encouraged to fill out their request at the beginning of the semester, but some students prefer to get a feel for their classes before submitting a request.  

Step 2

Once your profile has been created and approved students will need to submit documentation of their diagnosed disability, please see Documentation Guidance. Documents may be uploaded to the NMU Disability Services Portal once your profile is created and approved.

Step 3

Schedule an appointment with the Coordinator by calling (906)227-1737. If you are hard of hearing please email to schedule your appointment.

Step 4

The Coordinator of Disability Services will review the accommodation request form and approve for services.  Students will receive an e-mail with an accommodation letter verifying that they have been approved for accommodations.  Students are expected to show this letter to the professor of any course in which they would like to use accommodations. Students can also log into the NMU Disability Services Portal to print out copies of their accommodation letter.

Step 5

As the semester progresses, be sure to communicate your needs with professors and the Coordinator of Disability Services. 

The following are some responsibilities students should keep in mind.  It is your responsibility to:

  • show your accommodation letter and discuss your needs with your professors.
  • notify the Coordinator of Disability Services if you are not being provided an accommodation or are unhappy with an accommodation.
  • notify the professor and the Coordinator of Disability Services in a timely manner to arrange accommodations.
  • Request test accommodations in a timely manner for exams/quizzes using the NMU Disability Services Portal or via paper form found in the office.  Requests must be made 5 business days prior to the test date.