Students in teacher preparation programs are required by Michigan state law to pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Professional Readiness Exam. The MTTC Professional Readiness Exam (or ACT or MME equivalencies) is required for admission to the methods phase of the program. PRE supports available.

In addition, subject area tests must be passed as a requirement for certification as follows:

  1. Secondary Education: Candidates for secondary level teaching must pass the appropriate subject area test for each subject area [major and minor(s)] in which they are to be certified to teach in grades 6-12. Only one test is required in music. One test is also sufficient in art only if the minor is part of the major department. 

    For certification with a second major or minor, you need to complete the required coursework and pass the additional major/minor subject area test(s). Required coursework includes: 32-44 credits for a major and/or 20-24 credits for a minor.

  2. Elementary Education: Candidates for elementary level teaching must pass the elementary education test. In addition, those of you who have completed a major or two minors and wish to be certified to teach those subjects in grades 6-8 must also pass those particular subject area tests.

  3. Special Education: Same as elementary education, except that the test in the major (MI or EI) is also required.

  4. Additional Endorsement: Candidates need to complete the subject area test in their new endorsement.

Be sure to take the correct test.  Information about which test(s) to take, test booklets, complete registration information, and test objectives are available at the MTTC website.

Check out the Michigan Department of Education website for more information.