Article 1.0 Charter and Membership

1.1 The Educational Policy committee (EPC) is established as provided in the Agreement between the Board of Control of Northern Michigan University and the American Association of University Professors, Norther Michigan University Chapter.

1.2 The Provost may attend in a non-voting capacity by invitation of the chair of EPC, but may not be present during deliberation and voting on recommendations.

1.3 Its purpose and membership are as defined and enumerated in the extant Agreement between the NMU board of Control and the NMU-AAUP Association.

Article  2.0 Parliamentary Authority

2.1 The current edition of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure governs this organization in all parliamentary situations that are not provided for the Master Agreement or EPC bylaws.

Article  3.0 Chairperson

3.1 The EPC shall elect a Chairperson by simple majority vote at the last meeting of the academic year.  The chairperson-elect shall assume his or her duties on July 1.

3.2 The responsibility for the committee chair shall alternate annually between the administration (odd numbered years) and the faculty (even numbered years).

3.3 The chief duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson shall follow The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.

Article  4.0 Meetings

4.1 Regular Meeting of the EPC shall occur at least monthly during the academic year.

4.2 Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson during the academic year or summer.  Upon petition of at least three (3) members of the EPC or the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Chairperson shall call a special meeting.

4.3 The administration shall provide a recording secretary responsible for compiling the Charter and official meeting minutes.

Article  5.0 Duties of the EPC

5.1 The EPC shall advise on the following educational policy concerns;

a) mission statements;

b) short and long-term academic planning;

c) the financial considerations attendant to implementation of new programs;

d) enrollment patterns and projections;

e) allocation of budget for the support of academic programs;

f) credit-hour production within colleges and academic departments;

g) staffing requirements within college and academic departments;

h) curriculum or program changes which entail or would result in reductions or      reallocations of existing academic positions and/or programs.


5.2 The EPC shall consider documents produced by the department and external reviewer during Academic Program Review and shall make recommendations based on these to the Provost.

5.3 The EPC has responsibilities in the event of financial exigency as outlined in Master Agreement.

5.4 The EPC shall make recommendations to the Provost concerning changes in faculty workload resulting from actions of the Academic Senate as defined in Master Agreement.

5.5 The EPC shall make recommendations to the Provost regarding the proportion of all teaching at NMU that is done by tenured/tenure track faculty as described in Master Agreement.

Article  6.0 Committees

6.1 Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the Chairperson with a consent of a majority of the membership.

6.2 The membership of ad hoc committees shall have a member of the EPC as its reporting member.

Article  7.0 Quorum

7.1 A quorum of the EPC shall consist of a majority of its members.  For purposes of determining a quorum, authorized proxies shall be counted.

Article  8.0 Voting

8.1 Any member of the EPC may authorize another member to cast votes on his/her behalf at any meeting of the organization, and may direct that member’s vote.  Such proxy must be presented to the committee’s secretary prior to the meeting, in writing, and must identify the person who is authorized to vote on his/her behalf.

Article  9.0 Amendment of Bylaws

9.1 These bylaws may be amended with the assent of two-thirds.