The Educational Policy Committee's responsibilities are outlined in the 2020-2021 AAUP Master Agreement as follows:

Article 3.4.2

The responsibilities of the EPC shall include advising the PVPAA and keeping the Association informed on mission statements, on short- and long-term academic program planning for the University, and on financial considerations attendant to implementation of new programs such as majors and minors. In particular, the above-described responsibilities of the EPC shall include concern with and making recommendations on such matters as: enrollment patterns and projections, the allocation of budget for the support of academic programs, the generation of credit hours within colleges and academic departments, and staffing requirements within colleges and academic departments. The PVPAA will provide written feedback on the implementation or non implementation of all EPC recommendations. The rationale for recommendations regarding the curriculum shall be reported to the academic senate.

Article 3.4.3

Recommendations for curriculum or academic program changes, which entail or would result in reductions or reallocations of existing academic positions and/or programs for reasons other than financial exigency, must be submitted to the EPC for review. The Academic Senate and the EPC shall not act on such recommendations until an academic plan has been submitted by the PVPAA to the Academic Senate for review and response nor shall the PVPAA act upon this academic plan until the Academic Senate has had reasonable opportunity to respond. After an initial determination of the potential reductions or reallocations of positions, the EPC shall submit the proposed curriculum or academic program changes to the Academic Senate for review. The Academic Senate will forward its recommendations relative to the academic merit of the proposed changes to the EPC. The EPC shall consider said recommendations calling a joint conference committee if desired. The EPC shall forward its recommendations to the PVPAA. The recommendations of the EPC shall be accorded great weight by the PVPAA and shall normally be followed. Should the PVPAA find reason to take exception to the EPC’s recommendation, the PVPAA will initially return the matter to the EPC for further consideration with a statement of the PVPAA’s concerns. Should the EPC renew the recommendations, the PVPAA may modify or reject the recommendations for serious and compelling reasons, which the PVPAA shall communicate to the EPC and Academic Senate in writing.