Northern Promise provides programs for high school students to complete NMU coursework in their own high schools, online, or on campus. In most cases, the coursework is offered at no cost to students and partner high schools receive a substantial discount on the cost of tuition. 

How does the Northern Promise work?

NMU will work with U.P. high schools to develop Northern Promise programs that are innovative and cost effective. Programs can be designed to offer college courses taken at high schools during the regular school day, at facilities within the district, online, on NMU’s campus or as a hybrid course.

There are three Northern Promise program paths:

While participating in a Northern Promise program, the high school student is eligible to receive a Northern identification card that can be used for many of the same services and facility access available to NMU students, as well as an NMU email account and academic transcript.

NMU will work with business and industry to create Northern promise partnerships that work toward the goal of developing the most highly trained, employment-ready Upper Peninsula workforce in history and to help U.P. students succeed.

Northern Promise Benefits

  • Earn college credits
  • Save money on tuition, fees and textbooks (and in some cases, also room and board or travel to and from campus)*
  • Reduce the time it takes to earn a college degree
  • Reduce student debt
  • Ease transition into the college/university setting
  • Enhance academic resume
  • Reduce duplication of courses at the college level
  • Fast-track the path into the workforce
  • Improve job placement potential

*A student can potentially save $5,000 to $10,000 (depending on which post-secondary institution and whether room and board is included) by decreasing time to degree by just one semester or 15-16 college credits.