Who is this degree program for?

The Administration of Outdoor Recreation and Nature-Based Tourism (AORNBT) Master's degree program is for a wide range of people who would like to work at an administrative level in the field of recreation, outdoor recreation, and nature-based tourism. Prospective students in the following fields could use this degree to advance in their careers:

  • National Park Service
  • National Forest Service
  • Federal, state, or community recreation or land management agencies
  • Non-profit organizations like YMCA or Scouts
  • Private sector outdoor recreation and tourism owners and managers

In addition to those currently working in these sectors, the program can also help prospective students who wish to enter these fields. 



Potential Career Paths

The AORNBT degree is designed to create leaders in the field of Outdoor Recreation and Nature-based Tourism. Graduates of this degree will qualify for advancement in current careers or administrative positions in Outdoor Recreation, Recreation, and Private industries.

Some examples of where people work who complete similar degrees are:

  • Federal Land Management agencies
  • Community Parks and Recreation
  • Guiding service industry
  • Community planning for areas who wish to develop a tourism economy or who need to develop the knowledge to sustainably manage an outdoor recreation economy. 

Admissions Requirements

To qualify for regular admission into this NMU graduate program, applicants must have a minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.0 or higher in a relevant major or 9 semester hours of relevant course work in the fields of (Leisure, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Ecotourism, or Tourism). 

Program Requirements

Total Credits Required for Degree
Required Courses 16
RE 500 - History & Philosophy of Leisure 3
RE 510 - Sustainability in Outdoor Recreation 3
RE 520 - Current Issues in Outdoor Recreation & Nature-based Tourism 3
RE 521 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Outdoor Recreation 3
RE 522 - Management & Administration of Outdoor Recreation 4
Elective Courses (Select two of the following) 6
RE 511 - Areas & Facilities Management 3
RE 531 - Human Health & Outdoor Recreation 3
RE 532 - Social & Psychological Aspects of Outdoor Recreation 3
Seminar 2
RE 591 - Seminar 1-2
Research 10
ED 500 - Educational Research 2
ED 505 - Measurement & Evaluation 2
RE 589 - Research Development 1-2
RE 599 Thesis or RE 590 Creative Project 1-4