Sports Medicine Student Research Symposium | School of Health & Human Performance

Located in the Northern Center, Peninsula II. The event will take place on December 6th, 2021 from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm.

Tentative Schedule

  Presenter Home Town

Title of Presentation

8:00-8:30 AT (1) Haley Holstrom Marquette, MI

The Effects of Asthma on Athletic Performance in Athletes: A Review of The Literature

8:30 - 8:50 ES (1) Ondrej Zach Marquette, MI

Self-Talk and Athletic Performance

8:50-9:10 ES (2) Harrison Garcia Cypress, CA

Effects of COVID-19 on Athletic Trainer Burnout

10 minute Break/Catch up

9:20-9:50 AT (2) Taylor Bitnar Rudyard, MI

Prevalence of Mental Health Issues in the Athletic Population - Recognition, Prevention, and Intervention: A Literature Review

9:50-10:10 ES (3) Sarah Triemstra Kalamazoo MI

Eccentric Neural and Morphological Adaptions in the Biceps Femoris on Injury Risk

10:10-10:30 ES (4) Alex Schaub Peoria, IL

Static vs. Dynamic Cupping on Range of Motion

5 minute break/catch up        
10:35-11:05 AT (3) Maddie Hagg Roscoe, IL

Covid Impact on Competitive Athletics: A Review of The Literature

11:05-11:25 ES (5) Austin Gean Ganesville, GA

Plyometrics on Running Durability

5 minute Break/Catch up        
11:30-12:00 AT (4) Chris Cahue Aurora, IL

ACL Operative & Non-operative Treatment & Outcomes - A review of the literature

12:00-12:40 LUNCH      
12:40-1:00 ES Nadine Sakora Edmonton, Alberta

The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone

1:00-1:30 AT (5) Brooke Rollston Muskegon, MI

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy- A review of the literature

1:30-1:50 ES (6) James Leadbetter Grand Rapids, MI

The Effects of Pre-Cooling on Resistance Training

10 minute break/catch up

2:00-2:20 ES (7) Nick Wagner Galesville, WI

Variables of Repeated Sprint Training

2:20-2:50 AT (6) Sam Nelson Escanaba, MI

Athletic Trainer's in the Military - A review of the literature

2:50-3:10 ES (8) Nahir Negron-Fernandez Carolina, PR

Neuromuscular Effects of Running

5 minute break/catch up        
3:15-3:35 ES (9) Tasheka Gordon Kingston, Jamaica

Effects of Rest-Pause Method on Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility

3:35-4:05 AT (7) Esteban Gutierrez Chihuahua, Mexico

Effects of Blood Flow Restriction as a Therapeutic Modality - A review of the literature

4:05-4:25 ES (10) Ian Koskinen Haslett, MI

Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Upper-Body Muscular Endurance

5 minute break/catch up        
4:30-5:00 AT (8) Kelsey Knuth Belgium, WI

Female Athlete Triad - A review of the literature

5:00-5:20 ES (11) John Kerr  

Effects of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinsing in the Fasted State