The Program

The Honors Program is not an academic major itself but substitutes specially-designed courses for most of the general education requirements (previously known as liberal studies requirements) and university-wide graduation requirements while providing unique learning experiences. Graduates who complete four years in the Honors Program will have the full honors designation printed on their official university transcripts. We also offer lower division and upper division honors distinctions, in which the designation would be printed on their transcripts.

The honors program offers small class sizes that enhance individual attention, and participants also have the opportunity to engage in independent and collaborative research with NMU faculty members.

Why Join?

Have questions about whether the honors program is right for you? Find some answers to frequently asked questions to help make your decision.

Beyond the Classroom

Although the honors courses are challenging and invigorating, a large part of the NMU honors program experience happens beyond the courses and the physical classroom.


Several scholarships are available exclusively for students involved in the Honors Program. Learn more about the history of our scholarships and their requirements. 

Taylor Susa Conducting Research

I was led to join the Honors Program based on my way of learning, I learn best when I am taken out of my comfort zone and challenged. I stick with it because of all the outstanding opportunities I have. My Honors Courses are honestly a lot of fun, they enhance my learning experience here at NMU. My peers and I are able to collaborate and empower each other in the classroom.

Taylor Susa

Honors Program Graduate

Honors Student Organization

Participate in Honors Student Organization events, and volunteer in the local community. Spend time outside of the classroom learning foreign languages, studying abroad, do research and attend and present at professional conferences and even publish your work. Take field trips around Marquette County and the surrounding states to experience honors classwork in the real world. Do all of this and more in addition to getting your degree when you are a part of the honors program during your time at NMU.

Honors Student Handbook

The Honors Program Student Handbook is a great resource for all things Honors. From designation requirements to student organizations and FAQs, this is the student's go-to guide! 

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