Studying Abroad is a great experience, and a phenomenal chance to widen your scope of understanding the world around you. Studying abroad also gives you a chance to earn educational credit while embracing a unique culture and country that is foreign to you. Most students that study abroad often say that it's the highlight of their undergraduate experience, and that it really opens their eyes to the rest of the world.

Starting the study abroad process

Before exploring programs, considering financing steps, and starting the actual sequence of applying for study abroad, students must first attend study abroad 101. This MANDATORY zoom session guides students through the basics of studying abroad. This planning session is a valuable time to gain insight and information into your global journey. Use the link imbedded below to register for a Study Abroad 101 Session that best fits your schedule.   

Study Abroad 101 session


(1) Choosing a Program!

NMU partners with quality programs to provide many study abroad opportunities around the world. Outside of a traditional study abroad semester, there are other international opportunities for students to study abroad. Check out the links below to learn more about programs that are offered here at Northern Michigan University.


Exchange Programs

Faculty Led Programs

Alternative Study Abroad Programs 

  • (includes Student Teaching and Internships Abroad)


(2) Financing Study Abroad

Students who choose to study abroad and are enrolled in courses that have been pre-approved for credit @ NMU will still be considered for financial aid resources they recieved during a traditional semester. Many students use state, federal, university, or private funds in order to finance their program. There may be certain restrictions on aid if the program is a non-NMU program. More information about funding your study abroad experience is available by checking out the link below

(3) Applying for Study Abroad

Once you've attended Study Abroad 101, and been approved by the International Programs Office, the next steps in the application process are specific per program. There are many different pieces to each programs application, but as a whole there are steps you need to take to prepare yourself and your documents for the study abroad experience. While each program has specific application documents, there will be steps to take with the NMU IPO. 

These steps include, but aren't limited to:

  • Complete the fillable Study Abroad Application
  • Meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to choose a program
  • Meet with Fiancial Aid to figure how you're going to fund the Study Abroad Experience
  • Start your program's application
  • Acquire a passport from the US Government
    • (this process may take a long period of time)
  • Chat with your Academic Advisor about courses that you need
    • Get the courses you plan to take evaluated for credit at NMU
  • Make Sure your Visa/Passport are in order
  • Attend the Mandatory Study Abroad Orientation